Thursday, 30 January 2014

I was killing some time and remembered Tank Girl. I'd seen a couple of the comics while in college, there were a few different artists that worked on the series, but there was one or two whose style I really liked. So this is me trying to match those styles.
This image is based entirely on one I was referencing, so no points for originality here.

or here...

.. or here.

 This was based on a photo, I really like the shading and the shaved head and tattoo. I got caught up again in the referencing so its no where near as stylized as I'd like... which leads me to the next attempt.
Didn't spend as long on rendering this one as the last one and I tried to fit the Tank Girl look in there a little stronger. I'm still not delighted with it, but hey... learning!

I saw a small article on a photography exhibition based around portraits of people's beloved childhood toys. Most of them were teddies that had be so abused/loved that they weren't recognizable anymore, but they looked like great characters. I wanted to paint more than just this guy but I ran out of time.
I also wanted to stylize it a bit more but I got too caught up in referencing the photo, so here we are.

I had some spare time in work and got a doodling, getting ever so slightly better at using photoshop